Join us in our mission of providing services to children with special needs, regardless of ability to pay. Your financial support is what allows Horses for Healing to subsidize over 75% of the actual cost for horsemanship and riding lessons. Many of our families are already burdened with huge expenses related to their child’s needs.

Child Sponsor - One Year


You can donate to buy hay for our horses.  We buy square and round bales of hay. A typical horse eats about 20# of hay per day.

Hay Gift 


Our ponies love mani/pedi days at the farm.  Horses require farrier visits every 4-8 weeks.  It is very important that we take great care of their feet so we can depend on them to be as safe as possible for our kids.

Mani/Pedi Gift 


Massage Gift 


Why does a horse need a massage?

  • Increase blood flow to speed up healing process

  • Decrease muscle spasms

  • Increase range of motion - Increase joint flexibility

  • Help the horse prepare for and recover from exercise

  • Improve mental wellbeing

  • Reduce scar tissue formation

  • Release endorphins - the body's natural pain killers

  • Decrease the chance of injury

Provides fresh fluffy stall shavings for our entire herd for one week.

Shavings Gift


Yes, we have an Amazon Wish List that you can shop from, but did you know that you can raise money for Horses for Healing with every purchase you make from Amazon? Just go to and select Horses for Healing NWA as your Amazon Smile charity in your Account & Lists. Then, shop on instead of to raise money for Horses for Healing every time you shop!

Barn Building Fund

We recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary and like most homes, the original structure is in need of repair.  We recently found out our original stable barn is in disrepair.  It will cost us more to repair than to build a new one, so we have decided to knock down the current one and rebuild. Covid has made the past year very hard on Horses for Healing NWA as we saw a sharp decline in donations.  Please partner with us in building this new barn.  No amount is to small.  For gifts of $25,000 and above, you get your name on a plaque and posted inside of the barn.  For any person/business that would like to sponsor this barn build in full, your name will be placed where everyone can see outside of the barn.

general donations.png

Your donations help keep little miracles happening in our arena every day.  All support is appreciated; and a donation of any amount helps to keep our kids in the saddle.

General Donations